Features of magazines



Masthead The name of the magazine, usually positioned at the top of the page.

Skyline A slogan or name of issue, usually above the masthead or sometimes just below.

Strapline The main selling line usually relating to the main image

Main Image Main selling point

Cover lines Other selling points for the magazine that give insight on the content of the magazine

Direct address When the cover model is looking directly at the camera which makes it look like they are looking directly at the reader

Barcode Shows the price and sometimes publisher information. Usually at the bottom of the page, sometimes at the top


Masthead Title of the contents page. Usually says ‘Contents’ or sometimes the title of the magazine

Page Numbers These show which pages the articles are on

Images Different to front page image, images relating to inside articles. Sometimes image of editor

Article titles Names of the articles next to page numbers

Columns Lays out the article titles in a clear and concise way which is easy to read. Usually separated into different topics

House style The colours, fonts and images need to be all part of a theme

Editor’s note A note from the editor which usually outlines what is in the magazine and information on the theme of the magazine.


Headline Title of the article. Usually the cover star’s name and a title which indicates the content of the article.

Standfirst An introductory paragraph, usually below the headline or above the copy which is in a larger and different font to the copy which indicates what will be in the article.

Copy The article itself, usually divided into columns.

Images and direct address Usually one main image of the cover star or what the article is about which takes up a page or a large section of the page. Conventionally they use direct address, which helps obtain intimacy with the reader

House style The fonts, layout and colour. Should link in with the rest of the magazine.

Pull quotes Quotations taken from the article which are placed either on the image or in the article which are in larger, bolder font and that give an idea about the topic of the article.

Question and answer Articles with a person usually have a question and answer format. Some print the question and the answer and in some articles the interview is written concisely without showing the questions.

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